Another Pleasant Surprise

On the 23rd of November last year my uncle, Mardle (as we call him, but it’s not his real name, we just call him the same thing I called him when I was very young and unable to pronounce his name) suffered a stroke. It certainly made the fiftieth anniversary of Doctor Who less fun. We were told it was just a mild stroke though, so we weren’t too concerned.
    The next day we visited him, and other than difficulty speaking and an awful headache he didn’t seem too bad. I thought he’d be back in a few days. Sadly, it seems that was a case of me being too optimistic. Weeks passed and he was moved from Bath hospital (which wasn’t too far away) to Bristol hospital (which was awfully far away) and his phone also broke, so while I tried to send him a text message, he didn’t get it.
    Things took a turn for the worse when he was moved to a small room all by himself where he had no contact with anybody else and was told that he’d have to stay there over Christmas. It was an awful shame and I felt pretty bad for him; Christmas in a small room, alone is hardly an appealing prospect.
    A little while later we were visiting my Gran’s house (which is where he lives) and thinking about how sad it was that he had been gone for so long when he just casually walked in and handed us each a bottle of Coke (Diet Coke for me). It seemed that he had been out for several days and texted us all, but the texts never arrived because of his phone. They’d changed their minds about him having to stay over Christmas and said he could come out for a few days and then go back so he could stay again. Since four months have passed, I think it’s safe to say he’s back for good. But anyway, it was such a lovely moment, and a pleasant surprise when he happily wandered into the room after I’d been thinking of him lying sadly in a bed miles away.

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