A Third Pleasant Surprise

One sad thing is the fact that all the people I befriended in secondary school are away at universities all over the country 90% of the time. I’m probably able to keep the most contact with my friend Rory; every time he’s back in Corsham for a day or so we always make time to meet up and watch a DVD or something. I’m very pleased with this. At one point, he was back for the summer break which lasted for a few months and I was meeting up with him very often. Indeed, at that particular time, Rory was pretty much the only person in range who I could meet with.
    Sadly, of course, the time came when he had to return to his university at Winchester and I would be left with nobody to meet up with. We had a last meet up (and watched some excellent Doctor Who) and then I headed home. I think the estimation was that it’d be at least three months before we’d get to see one another again. The next day, I was sitting by myself at home and reading a book. The doorbell rang and, once the dogs had stopped barking, I headed over and answered the door. To my very pleasant surprise, there was Rory and before he headed back to Winchester he had a box of Thorntons chocolate to give me! It seems he’d been given one but he didn’t really want it, so gave it to me. So what I had expected to be a boring day suddenly included seeing a friend and getting a present! Wonderful.

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