Number 69

One thing which I have particularly fond memories of, are the English Language lessons I had in my sixth form. In the class (well, in one of the two classes) I was sat next to my friend Laura, and behind us were my friends Rory and Louise. One lesson I remember quite clearly, was when we were discussing the ways in which words find new meanings.

“So, you see,” said the teacher, “in the past, the word ‘ejaculation’ would have only meant shout, or, to burst out with, rather than the sexual meaning that it has today.”

I frowned at this and turned to face my friend Rory. “Isn’t the ‘shout’ meaning still the main one though?” I asked him, confused.

“No! You’d better stop using it in that way, if you have been, it’s very uncommon now,” he told me.

“What are you two talking about?” the teacher asked.

“Oh, Adam’s just talking about ejaculations,” he replied before I could say anything.

“Oh, right,” she rolled her eyes at that, obviously thinking I had been making a silly joke about, what I had only just learned was the most common, sexual meaning of the word.

The lesson moved on, and after a while Laura was having a chat with the teacher (her mum).

“A problem I have,” said the teacher, “is that it’s hard to know what the class already knows! Just yesterday I found myself having to explain about the word ’69’ to a group of Year 8s!”

I frowned again, “Rory,” I said as I turned, “what’s she talking about? What is 69 other than a number?”

Louise and Rory both burst out laughing at that.

“What is it? Please tell me, it seems to be quite important. Also, are there any other numbers like that?”

“Don’t worry, I’ll explain it to you later,” said Rory, and he did (I shan’t explain it here, but if you don’t know it, the best thing to do would be the ask somebody else, as searching on Google may well give very explicit images).

“What are you all talking about?” the teacher asked again.

“Oh, Adam’s just talking about 69ing,” Rory said, before I could answer.

Again the teacher rolled her eyes, obviously thinking I was telling some childish sex joke. I never got a chance to explain the two misunderstandings to her either, which is a little embarrassing. But yes, that English lesson, I suppose, proved to be part of my sex education, with me learning about 69ing and ejaculating. Not quite sure how to wrap this entry up.

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