This isn’t the last entry on this blog or anything (well, as far as I know anyway), it’s just one on the subject of saying goodbye.
In a movie and/or a television series, whenever two very close people say goodbye it’s usually a very emotional affair, but, in real life, I don’t things quite happen like that. When you’re used to seeing somebody every single day, when this comes to an end you, more than likely, won’t realise the full implications. You’ll say “Goodbye, I’ll miss you” or something like that, but all the emotion will be on a purely subconscious level, those words won’t mean particularly much to you.
Several months later, your life will have adapted to having been separated from your friend(s) but then you’ll look back to the times when you saw them every day and it’ll cause an emotion which the English language doesn’t really have a word for. You be sad as such, because like I said, you’ll have adapted, gotten used to it and made new friends, but at the same time you still won’t be wholly happy because you’ll miss those who aren’t there. It’s a very hard emotion to describe really, but it’s at these times when you realise really how amazing it was to see those people every single day. Even if your relationship with somebody has been reduced to meeting somebody only every fortnight or something, rather than full-fledged separation, it’s likely to still cause this feeling. No matter how good your friendship may be with people, when you’re separated you’ll really learn to appreciate and love them more. Well, maybe not, but I do anyhow.

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