New Glasses

In October I had a little accident on the bus, my glasses case was in my trouser pocket and it slipped out of it… So today, four months later, I finally got a new pair. When I put them on for the first time, I realised just how bad my vision usually is, everything suddenly looked so nice. As such, I decided to take a little walk through town before coming home.
     took a stroll through a nearby park and enjoyed seeing everything in a much more refined detail, a dog jumping and catching a ball mid-air in the distance, the fine detail on the trees and all of those other nice things I could now see.
    Unfortunately, it wasn’t all nice.
    I realised now that, rather than just being blurry figures, I could quite clearly see people in the distance. However, the unhappy truth is that people don’t always do nice things. I turned around a corner of the path in the park and then saw that there were two teenagers, a male and a female, sitting ahead of me in a kind of out of the way corner of the park. Obviously these two teenagers hadn’t seen me, because the male then stood up, faced the sitting girl and lowered the front of his trousers… It’s hard for me to write what he was doing without being explicit, but it seemed he had something to show her.
    Not wanting to see such a horrifying thing, I decided to take a drink of water and hold my bottle in my mouth so that it stuck outward in a position which blocked the two of them out of my sight. Oddly enough, I totally forgot about the whole thing until only a second ago, I guess I was trying to repress it.
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