Moral Dilemma

It’s a little sad, I think, that at a lot of bus stops, the idea of queuing and of ‘first come first serve’ is completely forgotten. I can’t help but feel a little disappointed when I’ve been waiting for a bus for over an hour, then somebody arrives at the stop five minutes before it’s there and then get on before me and sit in my favourite seat. Because of this, I have a personal rule to always let people on before me if I know they were there first.
    But just the other day, I found my morals challenged at the bus station. I came in, and right away the bus was in the bay, waiting for passengers and there quite a few of them waiting to get on. But when the bus doors opened, nobody got on. I looked at the bus driver, he did a “get on” gesture (which everybody else must have missed) and then I looked at the waiting commuters who almost seemed like they hadn’t noticed that the bus had arrived. What could I do? Do I get on right away and look like some rude impatient person? Do I continue this dangerous game of chicken? This was a double decker bus, so by getting on first I get the seat at the front at the top (the ‘golden’ seat you could call it). I looked at the driver again, he was confused, obviously wondering why nobody getting on. Was there some moral crisis in everybody’s head? Eventually I bit the bullet and got right on. As I sat in the best seat on the bus, I wondered if I’d done the right thing. I reasoned that, had I not done so, the bus driver might have left and nobody would have got on. But this is something I can never know. What a strange event.

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