Old Writings 3 (TWAC Day 18)

It’s the third of my Fox City Christmas stories! One more to go after this one. Here’s ‘The Man Who Santa Forgot’ (again, unedited).

One cold Christmas Eve almost the whole town was in the shopping centre getting the last minute presents. Mrs. Johnnannis was buying her husband some lead trousers so that they wouldn’t tear when he farted, Mr. Opposite was buying a birthday cake for Fox 1 and Fox 2 (Opposite duh), Mrs. Mayor was buying herself a solid gold plane with the orphanage charity money and Bobby was just about to grab the earrings he was going to buy for Anne when James Blond grabbed them “Hey they’re Anne’s earrings!” said Bobby “No they’re Mary’s!” said James Blond and ran off and Bobby chased him. James Blond ran into a pet shop and came out riding away on a horse Bobby also went into the pet shop and was chasing after him on an elephant! Bobby chased James blond through the fancy dress and when they came out Bobby was dressed as a ballet dancer and James Blond as a ghost, they chased even more when they broke through the wall of a theatre and onto the stage and then the horse and the elephant ran away and Bobby stood up “Oh have you seen James Blond?” asked Bobby to the audience as James Blond got up behind him “He’s behind you!” cried the audience so Bobby turned around and chased James Blond out of the hole in the wall they made. Bobby chased James Blond to the air port were they got on a plane when on the plane James Blond pulled out a Bomb and said “Hay Bobby who is smarter now?” “But if that blows up you will die.” Said Bobby just before the bomb blew up. Bobby went flying out of the sky from the explosion and landed on the roof of his house slid down the tiles knocking off the chimney and landing on his back with arms spread out and his hands open when out of the sky fell the earring and they landed in his hand and he clenched it into a fist.
The next morning Bobby woke up all exited and ran downstairs only to see that there where no presents under his Christmas tree. So he went outside with his head hung low and stood in the middle of a snowy neighbourhood when suddenly a miracle happened everyone came out with a gift for him; Michael Jackson, Bubbles, Cannabis Monkey, Fox 1, Fox 2, Billy, his Mum, his Dad, his two pet foxes, Johnnannis, Scwannannis, Anne, Jill, Mr. Opposite absolutely everyone even the ghosts of Professor Nerb and Mr. Suttonman “God bless us everyone.” Said Bobby.

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