The Kindest Thing (TWAC Day 12)

So for today, I have a rather bittersweet Christmas story for you, one about the kindest thing somebody has done for me (hence the title). Despite that though, it is still a somewhat depressing story, so I hope it won’t be too sad a thing for my blog, especially as, for this month at least, they’re all supposed to be jolly festive entries, but I think it’s suitable so hopefully I’m not mistaken.
    Anywho, I’ll start with the sad bit so that I can quickly move onto the kindness aspect. So back in 2007, shortly before Christmas, my Dad died quite suddenly and it was all very upsetting. Anywho, this being a very short time before Christmas meant that, for my family at least, Christmas would be cancelled that year. This lack of Christmas was something which also made me feel a little sad (of course, this wasn’t the predominant cause of unhappiness though).
    Now we move on to the kindness aspect of this entry, and it becomes less depressing. I mentioned the lack of Christmas that year to my good friend Ben Wood, and it was this which lead to the kindest thing that had been done for me. Ben, and the rest of the Woods (I’m not sure which ones specifically) then, extremely kindly, bought a bin bag full of presents each for my brothers and I (maybe something for my Mum too, but my memory is a little hazy). A perfect example of Christmas goodwill and generosity, which is what turns this story from utterly depressing to bittersweet. So I’ll say again to them, as I imagine Ben at least will be reading this, thank you very much to all of you! 🙂

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