StreetPass Mii Plaza game reviews:

Small but fun download games to play with the Miis of 3DS owners you pass on the streets!
2011StreetPass Quest6.5/10
2011Puzzle Swap7/10
2011StreetPass Quest II6.7/10
2013StreetPass Garden6.6/10
2014Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo 3DS ¹8.9/10
2015StreetPass Zombies8/10
2015StreetPass Fishing8.3/10
2015Super Mario Maker ²9.4/10
2016StreetPass Trader6.8/10

Connected Series:


  1. There is a stage based on StreetPass Quest and the StreetPass Quest ghosts appear as enemies in Smash Run mode.
  2. Ella Mentree is a playable character via Mystery Mushroom.
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