The Best Thing About University

A little under three years ago I started studying at Bath Spa University (as regular readers will know) and I have to say I’ve really loved my time so far. Everything has been wonderful: interesting seminars and lectures, lovely professors, beautiful campus and so many good features that I could take up a whole blog entry listing them. But for today’s entry I want to speak about one very specific thing about university that I’ve liked very much.
    All the people I’ve met at Bath Spa University have been so open minded, accepting of others and just generally very nice, which is excellent. I never really come across anybody making an offensive joke that I find distasteful, or putting down other people they claim to be friends with or judging anybody based on sexuality, religion or whatnot. I know so many different kinds of people, and this is true of all of them. I encountered that kind of thing fairly often in the past, but never at university. One contrast is social events: when I tell people I don’t drink alcohol they tend to reply with a disinterested ‘Oh’ whereas in the past, people would spend ages trying to persuade me to have some and I’m quite pleased that that doesn’t happen anymore. Perhaps it’s just because people at university will be older, and therefore more mature, than those at school, but this is one thing I’ve certainly been very stuck by and so felt that I had to record it.
    Perhaps I shouldn’t get too used to it, because maybe when I go on to employment (or whatever else) people won’t be so wonderful. It’s not entirely impossible that I’ve just been very lucky. But, of course, it would be a little pessimistic to assume it won’t be like that later on!

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