Tongue in Cheek

Now, originally, I had intended for this whole incident to remain secret, as it is a little more embarrassing than the other anecdotes I’ve written on this blog. However, you tell one person who you trust, and then before you know it somebody goes on your Facebook account, reads your messages, finds out for themselves, and then tells everybody a rather incorrect version of events.

Anyway, I mentioned before that a friend of mine, Christian Watkins, threw a party fairly recently, and it just so happened that during this party something rather unfortunate happened to me (other than the things I’ve already mentioned.) Christian used to attend the same sixth form as me, but then, sadly, left for a college. As such, when he threw a party, there were a considerable number of people who I didn’t know.

At one point during this party, I was outside with Christian’s college friends, while everybody I knew was inside. I was just happily sitting around, minding my own business, while Christian’s college friends had this little conversation…

Male: So since we’re playing dares, why don’t you girls make out? 😉
Female 1: Urgh that’s gross.
Female 2: Yeah, we’re not gonna do that!
Male: Ah come on, you may secretly like it if you did! You’ll never know if you don’t…
Female 2: We’re not going to do that!
Female 1: Yeah, why would we secretly like it? You wouldn’t make out with a guy if we told you too!
Male: Of course I would! I’m secure enough with my sexuality to prove you wrong!
(The male then turned around and grabbed me, the nearest other male, and proceeded to prove the two girls wrong by holding me uncomfortably tightly and making out with me in front of them, while I squirmed in his arms, trying to escape.)

Once that whole thing was over, I decided that I didn’t particularly want to stay outside with those people anymore and so headed back inside to the people I know. Hopefully, now that people have read this, the condensed version of the story that gets told fairly often (which is simply ‘Adam made out with a guy’), will be disregarded in favour of this blog entry. I can assure you that the whole thing was rather unpleasant. I don’t go around kissing people.

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