Tingle’s Balloon Fight DS

  • PictureThis is the second Tingle game, but it has no connections to the others in the series and is, in fact, just a remake of the game Balloon Fight but with Tingle as the protagonist rather than the Balloon Fighter. Rather than repeating myself in this entry, I’ll just write about the changes between the two games. To find out out about the core gameplay, read my Balloon Fight review first. 


  • Tingle (and his the other ‘Tingles’ Ankle, Knuckle and David Jr.) replaces the Balloon Fighter characters. Which is quite good, since they’re much more entertaining. Enemy characters remain the same though.
  • The graphics have all been updated and look much nicer.
  • The game can now have four players at once, rather than just having two, which definitely increases the fun of multiplayer. (Also, to play the multiplayer, you only need one copy of the game, since you can do single card download play, which is always good).
  • You can now save the game, meaning you can keep high scores going as long as you can stay alive. Another improvement.
  • The game has a new soundtrack and all sound effects are changed. I especially like the noises Tingle makes when he flies. If you don’t like the new sounds though, you have the option to use the original ones, so it’s win-win really.
  • There’s a new picture gallery where you unlock pictures of Tingle for winning lots of levels. These pictures range from things such as Tingle in space to Tingle having fun with a couple of young women. They’re certainly worth working for, I only wish there were more.

The only negative thing is that all the menus are in Japanese as the game never received a western release. Luckily this isn’t much of a problem as the menus are easy to figure out and there’s no in game text. So, on the whole, this is a nice improvement over the original.

Rating: 7.5/10

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