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How to Design Pokémon

Everybody loves the Pokémon series, there are hundreds of those cool creatures to catch now and we all spend hours trying to ‘catch ’em all’. I’m sure a lot of you have wondered how exactly it is that the people … Continue reading

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Top 10 Creepiest Characters/Creatures in Video Games (with Rhino Water)

As you my remember, my good friend Rhino Water contributed a countdown to this blog during my week of entries by others. So this gave me the idea that it could be quite fun if the pair of us made … Continue reading

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Some Changes Around Here

For a while now, Friday has been the day when I post a Finger Puppet Show comic strip, but now I’ve given the Finger Puppet Show its own site. The reason for this, is that Weebly struggles to show strips … Continue reading

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Oh Dear

So there’s nobody left! Jeb was created both by me, and a good friend of mine. Today’s strip features David Tubb. Finger puppets can be bought here.

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