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Emotional Control

There’s something strange that I’ve noticed about myself recently. I’ve been reacting extremely positively to things which are generally only a little nice. If somebody says something kind to me, for example, I’ll be completely moved by it. I can’t … Continue reading

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A friend of mine has recently started their own business called Kitewriting. It’s a very exciting idea based around proof reading, content writing and workshopping. The world of writing is one which is hard to get into, so I admire … Continue reading

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Cecil the Lion and Media Priorities

A recent piece of sad news is that Cecil the lion has been killed. He was killed by a trophy hunter and, understandably so this has provoked a negative reaction from many people across the internet. However, this negative reaction … Continue reading

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Kid Icarus: Uprising

Kid Icarus had been remembered as a cult classic and one of the best games on the NES. Pit himself was considered something of a Nintendo icon. But the fact is that after it’s fairly similar sequel, there wasn’t another … Continue reading

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