Story Connections

I’m sure most readers will be familiar with my Finger Puppet Show webcomic which I started posting on this site (but since moved to ComicFury) in 2012 and this chart shows the way that it fits in with my expanded universe of writing. Perhaps inspired by Nintendo and Rareware (whose games I played a lotat a young age) I am very keen for all of my writing to be connected. Every line on the chart means an interaction between characters, or at least some acknowledgement that they are in the same world. I made this for a piece of coursework, but in the end didn’t include it, but I liked it and thought I would post it here. I almost added an extra box for ‘Trusty Water Blog’ which would have been connected to ‘Gordon Orson Dobson’ because of that blog post he wrote on here but I decided not to since this site is primarily non-fiction. Ironically, the one story I’ve had professionally published does not fit into this, but I’ll find a way to add it eventually!

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